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Why Chat GPT is not revolutionary

Why Chat GPT is not revolutionary

Industrial Revolution

The recent launch of Chat GPT(Generative Pretrained Transformers) by open AI has caused a big stir leading to serious discussions about its impact on various industries. While the potential and the overall benefits are significant, the disruption in the long term is not devastating. In this article, I attempt to untangle it from historical and socioeconomic perspectives.

What is Chat GPT? I asked Chat GPT to describe itself.

Who are you? Describe how you were built, your advantages and your limitations.

“I am ChatGPT, a large language model developed by OpenAI. I was trained on a dataset of over 40 GB of text data and use deep learning techniques such as the Transformer architecture to generate human-like text.

One of the advantages of my training is that I have been exposed to a wide variety of texts, which allows me to understand and respond to a wide range of questions and prompts. Additionally, I am able to generate human-like text which can be useful in a variety of applications such as chatbots, language translation and text summarization.

However, like all machine learning models, I have limitations. One major limitation is that my understanding of language is based on the patterns and associations it has seen in the training data. This can lead to errors or biases if the training data is not representative of the real world. Additionally, I may not always understand the context or intent behind a user’s question or statement, which can result in inaccurate or inappropriate responses.”

In essence, Chat GPT is probably the largest text-based knowledge model that generates semi-human-like text and responses for a given context/prompt/questions/examples

What has culminated in the current stage of AI advancements?

Historical Perspective

Throughout history, the human race has reinvented and reoriented itself around major technological advancements. The 4th Industrial revolution is again a technology-driven one, The AI technology is playing a major role.  In contradiction to the general view of AI and the hype, some of which are grounded in facts, we are seeing the coming of age of AI rather than a revolutionary invention. The next evolution is not going to be any different and the industries that are threatened by AI products like Chat GPT will revolutionise themselves through rapid incremental improvements as it has become a question of existence.

What is driving the current phase of AI products and innovation?

The biggest contributor is the enormous amount of data we are generating. The AI models need large sets of data for them to produce accurate results. 

All key areas of AI have experienced growth and innovation.

The investment in AI products and services is another huge driver of innovation. Crunchbase reported investments in AI Startups and AI projects increased from $20B in 2020 to $50B+ in 2021.  

Thirdly, the value of automation and other AI-based assistive technologies has become clear to businesses.

Rapid knowledge dissemination and consumption

AI Technologies such as Chat GPT can provide more curated responses, allowing knowledge and information to flow faster and more effectively, speeding up the learning process. Social and economic changes in developing parts of the world will accelerate as these capabilities cut through to those communities much quicker than the current methods. The education sector will have to transform itself to accommodate this reality. On the other side of the spectrum, institutions have to fundamentally change the assessment processes. The meaning of teaching and learning will also need to be redefined.

Will AI products force us to elevate our cognitive capabilities?

As Artificial Intelligence technology continues to evolve and mature, it will force us to utilise our greatest strength which is our cognition. Our multidimensional and dynamic cognitive abilities will continue to be an advantage, we have to up our game. Ultimately, the combination of the AI models/algorithms and our abilities complement each other instead of competing. This was the rationale, we created GetMee AI to provide tools to organisations and individuals for language, communication, social and emotional skills development. Our focus will shift to soft skills that enable us to communicate and collaborate effectively.

Where to from here?

Some industries and jobs are at higher risk than others. Creative, Marketing, Content Production, and Education industries have been exploring opportunities to utilise AI in their products and services for a while. This phase of AI advancement will fast-track the adoption.

Chat GPT will improve in the coming months and years. Microsoft is rumoured to be getting ready to invest more into Chat GPT. This is in addition to the $1B the company invested in 2019. As the competition heats up, the AI industry will see more innovative products. The reality is that embracing AI tools and automation will be necessary for organisations and business models to survive and thrive. It is not a revolution, it is a real paradigm shift.

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