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the future of personal development is here

Welcome to GetMee – the World’s first Self-Learning, Personal Development Product for mobile devices.

Your own
Private Personal

Using cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence, your mobile phone will  become your own private personal coach.

Revolutionary self-discovery & personal development is now at your fingertips…


Here at GetMee, we firmly believe in our mission to help people grow, understand themselves on a deep manner, and develop into superior versions of themselves.

GetMee will enable people to improve their relationships, careers, happiness, and their “Sense of Self”. People will be able to learn more about who they really are…and how to become who they want to be.

  • Download the GetMee app and set your goals
  • The GetMee App will then privately observe how
    you communicate and express yourself using Get Mee's proprietary PCIM methodology
  • Based on your individual communication styles,
    GetMee will provide you with a "Personality and Communication BluePrint"
  • GetMee will then tailor personal development
    programmes for you
  • You will be able to learn about yourself like never

Important: YOUR DATA STAYS WITH YOU ON YOUR DEVICE. It is not captured by GetMee, or stored anywhere else.

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