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Improve Your Communication Skills and Become the Person Employers Would Love to Work With!

Introducing A Powerful New Breakthrough Technology That Helps You Communicate More Clearly, Directly And Effectively.


Improve Employability with AI-Coaching

Getmee’s patented machine learning AI communication coaching app

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Getmee Schools

Elevate communication and confidence in education

Getmee Enterprise

Transform communication skills for business success

Getmee Education

Empowering Lifelong
learning with AI technology

Getmee Courses

Elevate your Institutes
reach to millions globally

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See how Getmee helps improve communication

Let’s look at how else Getmee will
benefit your organisation


Save Teacher time

Maximise Educators Impact- Trim administrative load and unleash innovation


24/7/365 Accessibility

Empower learning anytime, anywhere


Improve learning quality

Elevated learning outcomes


Grow revenue through scaleable technology

Drive revenue growth through Getmee’s scalable solution


Improve candidate quality

Foster top talent: Elevate candidate skills for unmatched performance


Improved customer NPS

Improved customer communication leads to quicker issue resolution and Improved NPS


20% Improved team productivity

Regular use of Getmee is proven to lead to 20% Improvements in team productivity

A great way to prepare for a job interview. The feedback provides applicants, including those who are already proficient in many areas, with the opportunity to significantly improve how they perform during the interview.
Job Seeker
Senior Strategy Manager
The app has been really helpful. It’s helped me understand the idioms used in Australia. It has taught me about the language of the workplace and it has given me more confidence in my search for a job.
Anh Nguyen

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Each user has a unique experience and program tailored to their needs.

Secure and Private

Your data stays with you on your device, giving you complete privacy and peace of mind.

Innovative Technology

Our product uses our proprietary algorithm developed by our experts using PCIM methodology.

Quick and easy to get started

– Streamlined onboarding
– Instant Impact
– Fully integrable Solutions
– Customised outcomes
– Easy Implementation for Immediate Value

Education and Enterprises

Getmee adds Instant Value to your business with customised innovative solutions

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