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Importance Of Effective Communication For International Students

Importance Of Effective Communication For International Students

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Communication is part of everyday life, it is something everybody does, whether it be a smile as you walk past someone in the street, answering your phone, or talking to your colleagues or friends. There are different types of communication, including verbal, non-verbal, written, visual and listening, each has equal importance and significance to how you communicate with others, however today I am focusing on effective communication for international students. Effective communication and other personal skills are imperative for the learning experience of international students. How students communicate with peers, lecturers and build friendships in their new environment will pave the way for future success. Research suggests that learning and improving emotional and social skills can give students an edge when they move into the workforce. Arriving in a new country to embark on your studies is an exciting yet daunting feeling for international students. Many have English language skills, but as English is their second language it can be difficult to understand how to communicate effectively. The specific local nuances and the new culture also add to the challenge. Common breakdowns in communication come from a lack of confidence in their English ability, fear of pronouncing words wrong, misunderstanding social cues and cultural differences which can make conversations challenging. This article from the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations highlights some good practices in assisting international students to integrate with Australian students and the wider community. Source – Australian Government Society has evolved and people are turning to technology more as a means of information and guidance. Research from students who study here in Australia has found that international students are happy with the education provided, however, they have found the social aspects of living in a new country challenging. Investing in tools to help international students adapt and succeed is important for education providers, with competition between universities and colleges growing, attracting international students to your organization is as important to the student as it should be to the provider. International students inject $32 billion into Australia’s economy every year as well as supporting 130,000 Australian jobs. (Wikipedia, International Students in Australia, 33). GetMee has created a powerful new AI technology to help international students become more confident communicators and gain a better understanding of the culture in the chosen country of study by using pioneering AI technology to act as a personal communication coach and having the ability to access hundreds of coaching videos on various, relevant areas to improve their confidence and English ability. The coaching videos are a unique feature that is fun and engaging, enabling users to learn about country slang, culture, essential information to help settle in as a new arrival, small talk etc. To find out more about Getmee click here

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