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The first self-learning, AI-powered English communication coaching app for mobile

Set Goals, Watch Videos, Calls, Tasks, Record Audio, Reports and Many More Features

About GetMee

As the world gets smaller, effective communication becomes more important than ever. The GetMee app helps you to advance your communication skills using secure, innovative AI technology developed by experts — all from your mobile device.

Join our community of coaches and learners on the GetMee app today and start reaching your communication goals.

Free 3 months trial available now

Download the GetMee app to take advantage of our limited time three month free trial. When you sign up, our AI and algorithms will begin to understand your communication style and you can start setting goals.

Don’t let ineffective communication limit you

Whether you’re an employee, a migrant or a student, ineffective communication can hold you back. From feeling anxious about speaking, to having difficulty expressing ideas clearly, when you have ineffective communication skills, you can be overlooked and miss out on opportunities — even if your knowledge and technical skills are amazing.

Because GetMee is personalised, each user receives a unique experience and programme tailored to their specific needs, as well as access to customised tasks and regular video content from our expert human coaches.

Learn and improve in a whole new way

By following the learnings recommended in our app, you can increase your chances of obtaining employment, build up your academic performance, and start thriving.

Improve your communication clarity

Strengthen the impact of your message

Become more trustworthy

Strengthen your emotional resilience

Get better negotiation skills

Increase your assertiveness

Looks good
This app is looking good. I work with individuals to help with their communication skills. Will use it in my coaching.
Communication Coach
on 13 November 2021
Game changer for communications
Great idea and real value for succinct clear communications that helps grow relationships.
on 09 March 2022
Love the video
Lots of good videos. Really helpful for selfdevelopment.
on 05 March 2022
Significant improvement in communication
I’m not a student but I’ve been using Getmee on my overseas contractors I engage for my digital business. I’ve noticed that communication is now a lot more easier. They are less ridged, pronounce words a lot better and more confident. It has also helped me with pronunciation 🙂 5 stars for me, this app works, it’s cheap and very simple to use.
on 13 April 2022

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