GetMee Partners with ATC Conference 2023 in Sydney, Australia, Showcasing Interview Ready™ at the Innovation Lab

GetMee Partners with ATC Conference 2023 in Sydney, Australia, Showcasing Interview Ready™ at the Innovation Lab

Sydney, Australia – August 31, 2023 – GetMee, a pioneering AI-driven tech company, is thrilled to announce its partnership with the highly anticipated Australasian Talent Conference (ATC) 2023, to be held in Luna Park, Sydney, Australia. GetMee will take center stage at the Innovation Lab as it introduces its groundbreaking product, Interview Ready™, designed to revolutionize the job interview experience.

Interview Ready™ is the world’s first AI-powered Interview Coach, developed by This innovative tool is set to transform the way job seekers approach interviews, offering comprehensive coaching to enhance interview performance across various dimensions. The app utilizes GetMee’s patented AI technology to provide personalized coaching on communication style, technical job questions, and behavioral interview questions – catering to job seekers at any level and from any background.

“We are excited to unveil Interview Ready™ at the ATC Conference 2023,” said Balendran Thavarajag, CEO of GetMee. “This product addresses a crucial need in the job market by empowering candidates to excel in interviews. With Interview Ready™, we offer a genuine coaching experience that was previously inaccessible to many due to financial constraints.”
One of the standout features of Interview Ready™ is its commitment to diversity and inclusion (D&I) in the hiring process. By making interview coaching accessible to individuals from all socio-economic backgrounds, GetMee levels the playing field and contributes to the advancement of D&I hiring targets.

Unlike other interview practice tools, Interview Ready™ distinguishes itself by providing personalized feedback and tailored learning content to each user. Its holistic approach covers communication style, technical questions for any job, and behavioural interview questions – addressing all three essential components of successful interview preparation.
The inspiration behind Interview Ready™ is rooted in the personal experience of GetMee’s founder, Balendran [Last Name], an immigrant from Sri Lanka. Balendran’s own challenges in securing suitable employment due to language barriers led him to create Interview Ready™, a solution that empowers individuals facing similar hurdles.

GetMee’s participation at ATC Conference 2023 includes a prominent presence at the Innovation Lab and an opportunity to pitch on the Main Stage, reaching a diverse audience of talent acquisition professionals. For the past 17 years, the ATC has been at the forefront of exploring talent acquisition trends, tools, and technologies from around the world, fostering collaboration and innovation in the industry.

The Australasian Talent Conference (ATC) is the largest talent acquisition event in the southern hemisphere, uniting professionals from internal, RPO, consultancy, and agency backgrounds to discuss advancements and enhance hiring experiences.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Julia Stephenson
Marketing Manager
0468 371 739

For more information about GetMee and Interview Ready™, please visit

Note to editors: GetMee is available for interviews and product demonstrations at the ATC Conference 2023. High-resolution images and logos can be provided upon request.

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Language Advantage Innovates Language Learning and Enhances Communication Training with GetMee AI Technology

Language Advantage - GETMEE

[Melbourne, VIC] – GetMee, the leading innovator in AI-powered educational technology, joins forces with Language Advantage, a renowned provider of elite business language training programs. This partnership aims to transform language learning and boost employability for professionals and businesses in Canada.

Language Advantage has been empowering individuals and companies for over 20 years with their customised language training programs. Through their expertise in teaching French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, and Japanese, they have enabled clients to improve communication skills and expand their global reach. By leveraging sector-specific vocabulary and cultural context, Language Advantage has consistently delivered tangible results, helping businesses thrive in a globally connected world.

In partnership with Artemis Project, the program will launch August 8 to increase female talent in the Canadian mining industry. GetMee technology will support an Immigration and Readiness Talent program that will increase female mining engineers in Canada.

GetMee’s AI innovation revolutionises the traditional way language learners absorb, comprehend, and utilise foreign languages, enhancing their employability and competitive edge in today’s dynamic job market.

GetMee’s advanced AI algorithms analyse individual learning patterns, adapting the curriculum to match each learner’s specific pace and style. The AI-powered language modules focus on pronunciation and grammar, ensuring learners communicate fluently, confidently, and effectively in their chosen language. Culturally sensitive contexts immerses learners specific to the individual, helping them understand nuances and social etiquette crucial for conducting business in international markets.  

Language Advantage’s renowned industry-specific vocabulary training, combined with GetMee AI, equips professionals with the language skills relevant to their specific business domains. The partnership will incorporate virtual learning opportunities that will compliment Language Advantage’s online and face-to-face programs for a more immersive experience.

About Language Advantage: Language Advantage is a leading provider of elite business language training programs in Canada. With over 20 years of experience, they specialise in customised language training for professionals and companies, focusing on French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, and Japanese. By tailoring their programs to specific industries and cultural contexts, Language Advantage helps clients communicate effectively and navigate the complexities of international business.

About Artemis Project: Artemis Project is a Canadian-based social enterprise founded by female entrepreneurs in the mining supply chain accelerating innovation, diversity, and sustainability in mining and metals.

About GetMee: GetMee is a cutting-edge AI-powered educational technology company dedicated to enhancing language learning and employability. Through personalised learning pathways and immersive professional experiences, GetMee’s AI innovation revolutionises language and communication, empowering learners to excel in today’s interconnected global economy.


For media inquiries or more information about the partnership, please contact:


Monika Hajzokova

Business Development, Language Advantage Inc.

+1 647-537-9270


Julia Stephenson

Marketing Manager, GetMee

+61 468 371 739

Democratising Coaching for Social Mobility: The Impact of Interview Coaching via Mobile Apps

In today’s competitive job market, interviews have become a crucial gateway to professional success. However, not everyone possesses the necessary skills and confidence to excel in interviews, leaving many individuals at a disadvantage. Historically, coaching has been accessible primarily to those who can afford it, exacerbating social inequalities. However, the emergence of interview coaching delivered through mobile apps has proven to be a game-changer. This blog explores how interview coaching via mobile apps is democratising coaching, enabling improved social mobility for individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Accessibility and Affordability

One of the primary reasons interview coaching via mobile apps is democratising coaching is its enhanced accessibility and affordability. Traditionally, coaching services have been expensive and predominantly available to individuals with financial means. Mobile apps, on the other hand, offer a cost-effective alternative that bypasses financial barriers. With affordable subscription models or pay-per-use options, interview coaching apps provide access to expert guidance and practice at a fraction of the cost of traditional coaching services. This affordability extends coaching opportunities to individuals from various socioeconomic backgrounds, levelling the playing field and increasing social mobility.

Moreover, mobile apps are accessible to anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection, making them available to a broader audience. Unlike traditional coaching that may require in-person sessions or scheduling constraints, interview coaching apps offer convenience and flexibility. Users can access coaching materials anytime, anywhere, accommodating busy schedules or geographical limitations. This accessibility ensures that individuals in remote areas or those with limited mobility can benefit from coaching, broadening the reach of opportunities for social mobility.

Tailored and Personalized Learning

Interview coaching via mobile apps takes advantage of technological advancements to provide tailored and personalised learning experiences. These apps utilise artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to deliver customised coaching content based on individual needs and skill gaps. Through interactive modules, mock interviews, and feedback mechanisms, users receive targeted guidance specific to their interview preparation requirements.

The personalised nature of coaching via mobile apps enhances its effectiveness in improving interview performance. App algorithms can analyse user responses, identify areas of improvement, and provide constructive feedback. This individualised approach allows users to focus on their weaknesses, develop self-awareness, and make significant strides in interview skills. By addressing their specific shortcomings, individuals gain the confidence and competence required to succeed in interviews, thereby increasing their chances of social mobility.

Overcoming Bias and Enhancing Equality

Interview coaching via mobile apps also plays a crucial role in overcoming bias and promoting equality in the hiring process. It is well-documented that biases, conscious or unconscious, can influence interview outcomes. These biases often disadvantage candidates from marginalised or underrepresented communities, perpetuating social inequities. Interview coaching apps serve as a valuable tool in reducing these biases by empowering all individuals, from all backgrounds and socio-economic communities with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate interviews successfully.

Mobile apps offer inclusive coaching content that emphasises fairness, diversity, and inclusivity. They educate users about common biases in the interview process and equip them with strategies to counteract or mitigate their impact. By fostering awareness and providing individuals with the necessary tools, interview coaching apps help level the playing field and promote a more equitable hiring process.

In conclusion, Interview coaching delivered via mobile apps is revolutionising the coaching landscape, making it accessible to a broader range of individuals and enhancing social mobility. The affordability, convenience, and personalised nature of these apps democratise coaching opportunities, allowing individuals from diverse backgrounds to access interview preparation resources that were previously reserved for the privileged few. Furthermore, these apps enable users to overcome biases and inequalities inherent in the interview process, thereby increasing their chances of success and upward social mobility.

As interview coaching apps continue to evolve and become more sophisticated, the impact on social mobility is expected to grow. By harnessing technology, these apps, such as GetMee Interview Ready™, have the potential to bridge the gap between individuals’ existing skills and the requirements of the job market. As a result, interview coaching via mobile apps has the power to empower individuals, break down social barriers, and create a more inclusive society where talent and potential are valued above socioeconomic background.

If you’d like to see one of these apps working, reach out to the GetMee team for a demonstration of Interview Ready™ –

Transforming Job Interviews: The Power of AI Coaching Tools for Job-Seekers

The advent of artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionised numerous aspects of our lives, and now it has set its sights on transforming the job-seeking landscape.

The recent invention of Interview Ready™ designed to enhance candidates’ performance in job interviews promises to be a game-changer. This blog explores the positive impact of this Interview Ready™ on job-seekers and highlights the value it creates by revolutionising interview preparation and empowering candidates with real-time feedback and tailored improvements.

One of the critical aspects of any job interview is effective communication. Interview Ready™ has the ability to assess a candidate’s communication skills and provide valuable insights into areas that need improvement. By analysing factors such as tone, clarity, and pronunciation, Interview Ready™ offers candidates personalized coaching on how to enhance their communication abilities. This real-time feedback and suggested improvements empower candidates to refine their delivery, ensuring they convey their skills and experiences confidently and effectively to potential employers.

Behavioral and technical questions pose unique challenges during job interviews. Interview Ready™’s ability to assess and analyze a candidate’s responses to such questions opens up new possibilities for interview preparation. By leveraging AI algorithms, the tool can provide candidates with instant feedback on their answers, identifying strengths and areas requiring improvement. The tool’s analysis also guides candidates on structuring their responses, highlighting key points, and incorporating relevant examples, thereby increasing their chances of delivering impactful answers that resonate with interviewers.

The ability of Interview Ready™ to ask specific technical job-related questions adds tremendous value for candidates applying to roles requiring specialized knowledge. By simulating real interview scenarios and assessing technical proficiency, the tool can identify gaps in a candidate’s knowledge and provide targeted coaching. The tool’s personalized guidance enables candidates to brush up on specific technical areas, ensuring they enter the interview room well-prepared and equipped to handle any challenging questions. This tailored technical preparation builds confidence and positions candidates as competent and qualified individuals.

The widespread availability of Interview Ready™ through mobile devices ensures that job-seekers can access interview coaching at their convenience. This accessibility eliminates geographical constraints, allowing candidates from diverse backgrounds and regions to benefit from the tool’s transformative capabilities. Furthermore, the flexibility to practice and improve interview skills anytime, anywhere empowers candidates to build confidence progressively. The convenience factor also fosters inclusivity, levelling the playing field and increasing opportunities for individuals who may have faced barriers in accessing traditional interview coaching resources.

With the convenience and accessibility offered through mobile devices, Interview Ready™ paves the way for a more equitable and efficient job-seeking process, revolutionizing the way candidates prepare for interviews. As this technology evolves, we can expect even greater positive impacts on job-seekers, helping them navigate the competitive job market with newfound competence and assurance.

To discover more about Interview Ready™ and experience a demo, email or visit our website at

An Exploration of AI-Powered Personalized Learning Journeys

In today’s rapidly evolving digital era, technology has become an indispensable tool in education. Higher education students are increasingly embracing technology-enabled micro-learning systems that offer personalised learning journeys powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

These innovative platforms present numerous advantages, empowering students to enhance their educational experiences, personalize their learning, and foster continuous growth. This essay explores the key benefits for higher education students when accessing such systems, shedding light on the transformative potential of AI-powered personalized learning journeys.

Enhanced Flexibility and Accessibility:

Technology-enabled micro-learning systems provide higher education students with enhanced flexibility and accessibility, transcending the limitations of traditional classroom-based learning. With these systems, students can access learning materials and resources anytime and anywhere, allowing them to tailor their study schedule to their individual needs and preferences. Whether juggling work commitments, family responsibilities, or other extracurricular activities, students can seamlessly integrate learning into their daily lives without compromising their existing obligations.

Moreover, AI-powered platforms can adapt to students’ learning styles, accommodating diverse needs. By leveraging machine learning algorithms and data analytics, these systems can identify individual strengths, weaknesses, and preferences, creating personalized learning journeys. Students can engage with content at their own pace, focusing on areas that require more attention while bypassing topics they have already mastered. This customized approach ensures that students receive targeted instruction and support, promoting a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

Increased Engagement and Motivation:

Traditional classroom settings often struggle to maintain student engagement and motivation. In contrast, technology-enabled micro-learning systems, with their interactive interfaces, gamification elements, and AI-driven adaptive feedback, cultivate a stimulating learning environment.

GetMee AI boosts engagement and motivation by employing interactive and gamified elements within its platform, transforming learning into an exciting and immersive experience that captivates users and encourages them to actively participate. AI algorithms monitor students’ progress, identify areas where they might be struggling, and provide timely interventions and suggestions. These interventions can be in the form of additional resources, personalized recommendations, or even adaptive assessments to gauge the students’ comprehension levels. This immediate feedback loop allows students to address knowledge gaps promptly, reinforcing their learning and boosting their confidence.

Gamification elements, such as badges, leader boards, and rewards, provide intrinsic motivation by turning learning into a fun and competitive experience. These elements encourage healthy competition among students and foster a sense of accomplishment upon achieving learning milestones.

Furthermore, AI-powered systems can analyse individual preferences and interests, tailoring the learning content to align with students’ personal goals and aspirations, thereby further enhancing motivation.

Personalised Support and Remediation:

One of the significant advantages of technology-enabled micro-learning systems is their ability to provide personalized support and remediation to higher education students. AI algorithms track students’ progress, identifying areas where they struggle, and offering targeted interventions.

Through the collection and analysis of vast amounts of data, these systems can identify patterns and predict individual learning trajectories. If a student encounters difficulties in a specific topic, the AI can suggest additional resources, alternative explanations, or supplementary exercises to reinforce understanding. This personalized support ensures that students receive the assistance they need, precisely when they need it, promoting a deeper and more meaningful learning experience.

Furthermore, AI-powered systems can provide adaptive remediation, helping students bridge knowledge gaps. By tailoring content to suit individual needs, students can revisit concepts they find challenging, allowing them to build a solid foundation before progressing further. GetMee AI creates a personalized learning journey by tailoring content and recommendations to each individual’s unique interests and learning style, ensuring an enriching and customized educational experience. This personalized approach minimizes the risk of students falling behind and enables them to achieve better overall academic outcomes.

Continuous Learning and Skill Development:

Technology-enabled micro-learning systems promote a culture of continuous learning and skill development among higher education students. AI algorithms can suggest additional learning resources, articles, and videos related to students’ areas of interest. This encourages students to explore beyond the prescribed curriculum, fostering a curiosity-driven learning experience.

By providing personalized learning pathways, these systems enable students to acquire and refine essential skills at their own pace. Whether it’s critical thinking, problem-solving, or collaboration, AI-powered platforms offer tailored content and exercises that help students develop these skills effectively.

Moreover, AI-powered systems can adapt to changing industry demands, keeping students up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies. By integrating real-time data and industry insights, these platforms ensure that students are equipped with the knowledge and skills required for success in their respective fields. With GetMee AI, continuous learning and skill development become effortless as the platform adapts to the user’s progress, identifying knowledge gaps and providing targeted resources to enhance their abilities, enabling continuous growth and improvement.

In conclusion, Technology-enabled micro-learning systems that offer AI-powered personalised learning journeys hold immense benefits for higher education students. The flexibility, accessibility, enhanced engagement, personalized support, and continuous learning opportunities these platforms provide empower students to take control of their education, maximizing their potential. As technology continues to advance, it is imperative that higher education institutions embrace these transformative tools to prepare students for the challenges and opportunities of the future. By harnessing the power of AI and personalized learning, we can create an educational landscape that is dynamic, inclusive, and tailored to the unique needs of each learner.

Incorporate personalised learning journeys into your business or school today. Reach out to or to learn more about GetMee AI visit our website at or email us at

The Potential of Artificial Intelligence

The Potential of Artificial Intelligence: Not just a potential threat, but also a catalyst for human progress

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is often portrayed as a looming threat to various aspects of human life, evoking fears of job displacement, privacy concerns, and ethical dilemmas. While it is important to approach AI development with caution and address these valid concerns, it is equally crucial to recognize the immense potential for AI to benefit the human race. This essay presents a counterargument to the prevailing apprehensions surrounding AI and highlights the ways in which it can be a tremendous asset, fostering positive effects across diverse domains such as healthcare, education, transportation, and environmental sustainability.

Advancing Healthcare

One of the most significant areas where AI can bring immense benefits is healthcare. By leveraging AI algorithms to analyse vast amounts of medical data, researchers and practitioners can uncover patterns, correlations, and insights that may otherwise be challenging for humans to discern. This can lead to earlier disease detection, more accurate diagnoses, and personalised treatment plans. AI can also facilitate the discovery of novel drugs, streamline clinical trials, improve patient monitoring, and enhance telemedicine capabilities, thus revolutionising healthcare delivery and significantly improving patient outcomes.

Revolutionising Education

AI has the potential to revolutionise education by personalising and enhancing the learning experience for students. Intelligent tutoring systems can adapt to individual students’ needs, providing tailored content, feedback, and support. AI-powered educational tools can facilitate adaptive learning, identifying areas where students struggle and providing targeted interventions. Additionally, AI can assist teachers by automating administrative tasks, allowing them to focus on providing high-quality instruction. Overall, AI can democratise access to education, bridge educational gaps, and empower learners of all ages.

GetMee, offers an innovative solution in the realm of education technology, harnesses the power of AI to transform classrooms including Skilled Migrant Programs and Vocational training. By leveraging intelligent self learning systems, GetMee personalises and enhances the learning experience for students, offering tailored content, feedback, and support that adapt to their individual needs.

With AI-powered educational tools, adaptive learning becomes a reality, as the system identifies areas where students face challenges and provides targeted interventions for improvement. Moreover, GetMee relieves the burden on teachers by automating administrative tasks, enabling them to devote more time and energy to delivering top-notch instruction. This integration of AI not only enhances learning outcomes but also democratises access to education, bridging educational gaps and empowering learners of all ages. With GetMee, the future of education becomes a reality. With tech like GetMee,  AI and human expertise harmoniously combine to shape a transformative learning environment.

Transforming Transportation

The advent of AI technologies has the potential to transform transportation systems, making them safer, more efficient, and environmentally friendly. AI-powered autonomous vehicles can reduce human errors and improve road safety. They can optimise traffic flow, reduce congestion, and decrease fuel consumption. AI algorithms can also assist in intelligent route planning, enabling more efficient logistics and supply chain management. By revolutionising transportation, AI can enhance mobility, improve accessibility, and mitigate the environmental impact of transportation systems.

Promoting Environmental Sustainability

In the face of pressing environmental challenges, AI can be a powerful tool in promoting sustainability and mitigating the impact of human activities on the planet. AI algorithms can analyse vast amounts of data to optimise energy consumption, predict and prevent environmental hazards, and facilitate efficient waste management systems. Additionally, AI can aid in biodiversity conservation efforts by analysing ecological data, tracking animal populations, and identifying areas requiring conservation interventions. By harnessing AI, we can make more informed decisions, reduce carbon footprints, and work towards a more sustainable future.

Fostering Creativity and Innovation

Contrary to the notion that AI will stifle human creativity, it has the potential to enhance and augment human capabilities. AI algorithms can generate novel ideas, assist in artistic creations, and provide inspiration for innovative solutions. By automating repetitive tasks, AI frees up human creativity, allowing individuals to focus on higher-level thinking, problem-solving, and innovation. AI-powered tools can facilitate data analysis, predictive modelling, and simulations, enabling researchers and entrepreneurs to explore new frontiers and make significant breakthroughs.

Economic Growth and Job Creation

While concerns about job displacement due to AI are valid, history has shown that technological advancements often create new job opportunities. AI can automate mundane and repetitive tasks, enabling humans to focus on higher-value work that requires creativity, critical thinking, and emotional intelligence. Moreover, the development and deployment of AI systems require a wide range of expertise, leading to the creation of new jobs in AI research, development, implementation, and maintenance. As AI technology continues to evolve, new industries and occupations will emerge, fostering. 

“To cultivate successful future leaders, embracing continuous education through leadership development programs is paramount. Innovative tools like GetMee provide crucial support to such efforts.” Fuazi Rachmanto, CEO and Founder of Kubik Coaching, says on introducing GetMee into Indonesia.

Balendran Thavarajah, CEO of GetMee, reinforced Fauzi’s insights on the significance of technology in driving Indonesia’s economic growth, emphasising how “GetMee products enable ongoing enhancement of a growth mindset, encompassing effective communication, language proficiency, and personal development. These invaluable tools serve to enhance productivity and propel society forward on a fast track to progress.”

GetMee uses proprietary AI to bring personal development coaching to a wide audience at a fraction of the cost. We’re big believers in AI being used to enhance and augment human-led initiatives, as opposed to replacing them.

As we move forward, education, immigration, diversification in the workplace, human connection, and innovation will serve as pivotal factors driving human progress. Embracing this transformative landscape, GetMee leverages its proprietary AI technology to democratise personal development coaching, making it accessible to a vast audience at a fraction of the cost. At GetMee, we firmly believe in utilising AI to amplify and complement human-led initiatives rather than supplanting them. By fostering a symbiotic relationship between humans and AI, we can unlock unprecedented possibilities, paving the way for a future where personal growth, inclusivity, and innovation converge for the betterment of society.

If you’d like to hear more about GetMee and our ethical AI products to enhance your business model and employability outcomes, please reach out to Paul at or visit our website

GetMee and Kubik Coaching launch official partnership with Victoria Government Commissioner

Getmee announces its exclusive partnership with Kubik Coaching, Indonesia’s #1 learning partner in leadership and personal development. The collaboration brings together Getmee’s AI technology and Kubik Coaching’s proven leadership coaching strategies to create a powerful solution for organisations to enhance comprehensive communication and language skills.  

Through this partnership, Kubik Coaching will be integrating Getmee’s AI software into their coaching programs, providing an innovative coaching experience. This partnership marks a significant milestone for both Getmee and Kubik Coaching, and demonstrates their commitment to providing world-class coaching services to organisations across Indonesia.

Getmee has proven to be a valuable tool for universities and language schools, like AMES Australia, providing students with a dynamic and interactive language learning experience leading to better employability skills.. In addition, businesses and government agencies have also taken advantage of Getmee’s powerful training tools, which can be customised to meet specific needs and objectives.

VFS Global, the world’s largest outsourcing and technology services specialist for governments and diplomatic missions, onboarded GetMee Coaching this month. The ‘Emerging Leadership’ Program will be launched in Australia and New Zealand with plans to launch in various regions.

“We believe that GetMee will reshape how corporate leaders learn, develop, and transform.” Fauzi Rachmanto, CEO Kubik Coaching & GetMee Indonesia Partner.

GetMee is at the forefront of a new business category, “The Government’s recognition of our work at GetMee, will allow us to accelerate the progress of making effective language and communication skills development accessible to all” Balendran says. Kubik Coaching has an edge with GetMee for Indonesian space as an early entrant to the AI Coaching market.

GetMee’s AI technology processes language to analyse spoken communication and provide personalised feedback and coaching. The company’s proprietary AI is powered by patent pending technology covering Australia, Europe and the US. 

Name: Julia Stephenson


Australia Federal Government Awards GetMee AI Accelerating Commercialisation Grant

Melbourne, Australia

The Melbourne-based tech business GetMee has announced today that it has received significant funding from the Accelerating Commercialisation grant, awarded under the Australian Government’s Department of Industry, Science, and Resources Entrepreneurs’ Program. The three year old business is already backed by hundreds of investors including some well-known high net worths and Angels.

GetMee, an artificial intelligence (AI) coaching tool designed to help people with English as their second language develop communication skills, is set to revolutionise language learning and communication coaching worldwide. 

GetMee is at the forefront of a new business category: 

The company uses its patent pending proprietary AI models and processes in its products. The AI industry gaining traction rapidly due to tools such as ChatGPT coming to the market, is a watershed moment. These are unprecedented times in terms of AI advancement and adsorption of the technology. GetMee has an edge in the AI for education space as an early entrant to the market.

AI for English language and communication coaching. The platform’s innovative approach has already secured multiple enterprise customers and 1,000’s of individual learners on the platform. A sample of current education providers and enterprises using GetMee AI, include AMES Australia, Pacific Training Group, VFS Global, ECA Professional Year, Kubik Coaching Indonesia, YouStudy International College, English Priority and VicWise.

A Success Story of a Refugee Immigrant Paying It Forward.

As an Sri Lankan immigrant, Balendran Thavarajah (Bala), the CEO and Founder, faced initial challenges of learning how to communicate in English and fitting in with the culture to rebuild his life in Australia. “I had to fend for myself from a young age and didn’t have any formal education,” Bala said. Bala went on to receive a Bachelor of Computer Science degree from the Western Sydney University and a Master’s degree in Information Technology from the University of Sydney. After becoming a Tech founder of multiple successful startups, like Bluedot and GetMee, Bala’s mission is to help others improve their English and communication skills-ensuring everyone can thrive. 

GetMee uses AI to give users feedback on energy, emotions, pronunciation, and vocabulary. Poor communication like unclear syllables, filler words, and tone are picked up on an individual basis. GetMee’s AI technology processes language to analyse spoken communication and provide personalised feedback and coaching. The company’s proprietary AI is powered by patent pending technology covering Australia, Europe and the US. 

“The Government’s recognition of our work at GetMee, will allow us to accelerate the progress of making effective language and communication skills development accessible to all” Bala says.

With this technology, GetMee is empowering individuals to become confident and effective communicators in today’s globalised world. The funding will drive expansion and the next stage of GetMee’s commercial growth into India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, the Philippines and South America.

Contact or click here for more information

Why Chat GPT is not revolutionary

The recent launch of Chat GPT(Generative Pretrained Transformers) by open AI has caused a big stir leading to serious discussions about its impact on various industries. While the potential and the overall benefits are significant, the disruption in the long term is not devastating. In this article, I attempt to untangle it from historical and socioeconomic perspectives.

What is Chat GPT? I asked Chat GPT to describe itself.

Who are you? Describe how you were built, your advantages and your limitations.

“I am ChatGPT, a large language model developed by OpenAI. I was trained on a dataset of over 40 GB of text data and use deep learning techniques such as the Transformer architecture to generate human-like text.

One of the advantages of my training is that I have been exposed to a wide variety of texts, which allows me to understand and respond to a wide range of questions and prompts. Additionally, I am able to generate human-like text which can be useful in a variety of applications such as chatbots, language translation and text summarization.

However, like all machine learning models, I have limitations. One major limitation is that my understanding of language is based on the patterns and associations it has seen in the training data. This can lead to errors or biases if the training data is not representative of the real world. Additionally, I may not always understand the context or intent behind a user’s question or statement, which can result in inaccurate or inappropriate responses.”

In essence, Chat GPT is probably the largest text-based knowledge model that generates semi-human-like text and responses for a given context/prompt/questions/examples

What has culminated in the current stage of AI advancements?

Historical Perspective

Throughout history, the human race has reinvented and reoriented itself around major technological advancements. The 4th Industrial revolution is again a technology-driven one, The AI technology is playing a major role.  In contradiction to the general view of AI and the hype, some of which are grounded in facts, we are seeing the coming of age of AI rather than a revolutionary invention. The next evolution is not going to be any different and the industries that are threatened by AI products like Chat GPT will revolutionise themselves through rapid incremental improvements as it has become a question of existence.

What is driving the current phase of AI products and innovation?

The biggest contributor is the enormous amount of data we are generating. The AI models need large sets of data for them to produce accurate results. 

All key areas of AI have experienced growth and innovation.

The investment in AI products and services is another huge driver of innovation. Crunchbase reported investments in AI Startups and AI projects increased from $20B in 2020 to $50B+ in 2021.  

Thirdly, the value of automation and other AI-based assistive technologies has become clear to businesses.

Rapid knowledge dissemination and consumption

AI Technologies such as Chat GPT can provide more curated responses, allowing knowledge and information to flow faster and more effectively, speeding up the learning process. Social and economic changes in developing parts of the world will accelerate as these capabilities cut through to those communities much quicker than the current methods. The education sector will have to transform itself to accommodate this reality. On the other side of the spectrum, institutions have to fundamentally change the assessment processes. The meaning of teaching and learning will also need to be redefined.

Will AI products force us to elevate our cognitive capabilities?

As Artificial Intelligence technology continues to evolve and mature, it will force us to utilise our greatest strength which is our cognition. Our multidimensional and dynamic cognitive abilities will continue to be an advantage, we have to up our game. Ultimately, the combination of the AI models/algorithms and our abilities complement each other instead of competing. This was the rationale, we created GetMee AI to provide tools to organisations and individuals for language, communication, social and emotional skills development. Our focus will shift to soft skills that enable us to communicate and collaborate effectively.

Where to from here?

Some industries and jobs are at higher risk than others. Creative, Marketing, Content Production, and Education industries have been exploring opportunities to utilise AI in their products and services for a while. This phase of AI advancement will fast-track the adoption.

Chat GPT will improve in the coming months and years. Microsoft is rumoured to be getting ready to invest more into Chat GPT. This is in addition to the $1B the company invested in 2019. As the competition heats up, the AI industry will see more innovative products. The reality is that embracing AI tools and automation will be necessary for organisations and business models to survive and thrive. It is not a revolution, it is a real paradigm shift.

To learn more about GetMee, visit