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Shaping Tomorrow’s Workforce: MTC Australia and Getmee’s AI- Driven Partnership Redefines Employability

Shaping Tomorrow’s Workforce: MTC Australia and Getmee’s AI- Driven Partnership Redefines Employability

MTC Getmee press release

MARRICKVILLE, 12 October 2023: Leading not-for-profit employment services provider MTC Australia is excited to announce MTC CoachMe, a new AI-driven app to support and coach our participants through their education and job search.

Launched in partnership with leading AI-powered technology company Getmee, MTC CoachMe is designed to empower students and job seekers with the skills and confidence needed to succeed in interviews and the job placement processes.

MTC CoachMe is built on Getmee’s flagship product Getmee Interview ReadyTM and leverages advanced AI technology to identify specific areas where people require improvement in their communication and interview abilities. The app then offers tailored and personalised guidance to bridge those gaps.

“MTC CoachMe powered by Getmee is the perfect tool to incorporate into our employment and training programs to help equip our students and jobseekers for the challenges they face now and into the future as the workplace evolves,” MTC Australia CEO Rob Marshall said.

“The app will be especially valuable to the large proportion of our students and job seekers who come from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. We see MTC CoachMe creating a significant shift in how job seekers, migrants, and individuals with disabilities are empowered to overcome their barriers and support to thrive in society,” Mr Marshall said.

“The MTC Australia and Getmee partnership is a landmark moment in the realm of employment services, migration support, and education,” Getmee CEO/Founder Balendran Thavarajah said. 

Through this new partnership, MTC Australia and Getmee will provide a comprehensive spectrum of support and guidance, enabling individuals to excel in their work, personal lives, and studies. From English language learning to leadership development, this partnership aims to equip individuals with the skills and confidence necessary to overcome any barriers they face on their path to meaningful work.


Media contacts:

MTC Australia

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Julia Stephenson

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MTC Australia

MTC Australia is an independent social enterprise that enables people to overcome barriers on their path to meaningful employment. With a proud 34-year history, each year we support over 20,000 people across Greater Sydney and Queensland with new skills, confidence, and opportunities through employment, mentoring, and training programs. We reinvest in social impact projects aligned with our purpose.


Getmee is an innovative AI-powered technology company in education and employability advancement. With a strong focus on data-driven solutions, Getmee’s patented deep learning AI technology enhances communication skills via a personalised coaching app. Tailored to assist job seekers, students, and migrants in their quest for career success, Getmee leverages a comprehensive suite of advanced AI-driven tools for effective learning and job readiness.

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