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Partnership Announcement: Simplified Recruitment and Getmee

Partnership Announcement: Simplified Recruitment and Getmee

Simplified Getmee launch

Melbourne, Australia – Simplified Recruitment and Getmee AI are pleased to announce a strategic partnership, marking a significant advancement in the recruitment landscape. This collaboration aims to transform the hiring process for candidates in the tech industry who encounter difficulties in effectively communicating during interviews.

From experience candidate feedback, communication breakdowns are impacting their progress to move forward, although set skills are matching the job description. Recognising the challenges faced by candidates in articulating their skills and experiences, Simplified Recruitment is excited to introduce GetMee’s state-of-the-art recruitment technology, Interview Ready™, to its esteemed clients.

Interview Ready™ offers candidates real-time, personalised feedback and coaching to refine their communication skills, bolster their presentation capabilities, and elevate their interview performance. Through hyper-personalised coaching, candidates are empowered to excel in their interviews, ultimately advancing their careers.

This partnership arrives at a pivotal moment, with a surge of talent flooding the market. By leveraging Interview Ready™, Simplified Recruitment ensures that their candidate’s profiles & skills aren’t overlooked or undervalued. This collaboration promises to revolutionise the recruitment experience, empowering candidates to confidently demonstrate their capabilities and assisting companies in making well-informed hiring decisions.

For further details on how Interview Ready can enhance your recruitment process, please contact Paul Burley, or visit

Simplified Recruitment specialises in providing a streamlined recruitment service tailored to Australia’s top-tier clients, specialising in Technology Services.

Getmee is the leading private Artificial Intelligence powered English Language, communication and employability skills development coaching platform. 

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