Mehaboob Unnisa Begum

Quality Assurance and Customer Success Analyst

Mehaboob Unnisa Begum is a Quality Assurance and Customer Success Analyst with experience in Customer Support and Mentoring with a background in Information Technology. She received her Masters in Information Technology (Cybersecurity) from the Swinburne University of Technology, with a 3.7 GPA.

Mehaboob’s passion for technology led her to work as a GetMee intern, where she helps ensure that GETMEE’s products are of the highest quality possible. Prior to joining GETMEE, Mehaboob worked for Amazon for over two years handling US customer support. Her outstanding performance during her internship landed her a full-time position here at GETMEE, where she continues to gain valuable experience in this field.

Mehaboob’s knowledge of quality assurance is essential for our customer’s experience and for keeping customers happy. Her interaction with the customers helps us improve the product based on the changing needs of the customer, always ensuring we’re offering a valuable experience.