Dinesh Yadav

Senior Android Developer

Dinesh Yadav is a Senior Android Engineer at GetMee. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and has over 12 years of professional experience in developing Android applications. He is an expert in the field and has a deep knowledge of Java, Android, Kotlin and SQLite, RoomDB, RxJava, Rxandroid, MVVM, and Dagger2.

‌Throughout his career, Dinesh has proven himself to be a highly skilled and experienced developer, and he brings this expertise to his work at GetMee. He is passionate about the company’s mission to use AI to help people who face challenges with secondary languages like English, especially people like himself who does not have mother tongue English.

‌Dinesh believes that the impact of AI is going to be huge and GetMee will play a critical role by transforming the way we communicate and learn, which will eventually impact every industry.