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Interview Ready™ – The AI-powered Interview Coach helping Recruitment Agencies step change productivity and placement rates

Interview Ready™ – The AI-powered Interview Coach helping Recruitment Agencies step change productivity and placement rates

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AI to support humans to perform and be more productive is different to AI that displaces people. We’ve designed Interview Ready™ to be a ‘pocket Interview Coach’ for all your shortlisted candidates. There are many benefits that our partners are enjoying and we’ll run through a few in the course of this blog.

Enhanced Candidate Preparation

Interview Ready™ provides job seekers with a comprehensive interview preparation platform. By using the AI-powered Interview Coach, candidates can practice their interview skills, receive real-time coaching, and gain valuable insights into their performance. This leads to better-prepared candidates, increasing their chances of success during interviews.

This improved preparation leads to higher quality candidates. Interview Ready™ helps candidates improve their interview skills, confidence, and overall performance. As a result, your recruitment agency receives a pool of better-prepared candidates who are more likely to impress the clients during interviews. This can enhance your agency’s reputation for providing high-quality candidates, leading to increased client satisfaction and retention.

Faster Placement Process

When candidates are well-prepared and perform better in interviews, your recruitment agency can expect a faster placement process. Clients are more likely to make hiring decisions quickly when they are presented with highly qualified and well-prepared candidates. This can increase the efficiency of your operations and enable you to fill job positions faster.

Competitive Differentiation

The availability of Interview Ready™ for your candidates can set your recruitment agency apart from your competitors. The tool demonstrates your commitment to innovation and staying at the forefront of recruitment technology. This can be a unique selling point for your company, attracting clients and candidates who value the use of advanced tools and technology to enhance the hiring process.

Cost Savings

Interview Ready™ reduces the organisation’s costs associated with candidate preparation. By providing candidates with a self-service platform for interview practice and coaching, your agency can reduce the need for extensive one-on-one coaching or training sessions. This leads to cost savings while still ensuring that candidates receive the support they need to succeed in interviews.

In summary, Interview Ready™, the AI-powered Interview Coach, can positively impact your recruitment agency by improving candidate preparation, enhancing the quality of candidates presented to clients, speeding up the placement process, strengthening client relationships, providing a competitive edge, and reducing costs.

If you’re up for a chat about how Interview Ready™ could be deployed into your recruitment workflows, drop us a line at

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