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Getmee Enterprise

Are Poor Communication
Skills in the Workplace
Causing Productivity to Plummet?

Welcome to GetMee – the World’s first Self-Learning,  Communication and Personal Development Product for mobile devices.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

No matter how hard everyone in the organisation tries to clearly communicate…

Getmee is a tool that can help your team. Poor communication has cost
enterprises a whopping $37 billion

Introducing: ‘Getmee’ — the world’s first communication and personal development coach for mobile devices.

GetMee is a self-learning, AI-powered coach that gives its users (and members of your team) the tools to become better communicators and extraordinary versions of themselves, so the organisations they work for and communities they are in, will thrive.

It’s a truly systematic and methodical way of understanding how someone communicates.

How it Works?

GetMee is an app that runs entirely on your phone or tablet.

What about your privacy?

Your data stays with you on your device, giving your teams complete privacy and peace of mind.

Here’s what GetMee can do for each member of your team:


Boost the overall success of the company

Getmee will help you spot the hidden talents of your team now they’re able to communicate clearly with you. As a result, you’ll be able to choose the best person for the job, slash project turnaround time and increase productivity.


Resolve problems quicker

Members of your team aren’t always going to see eye to eye… But, GetMee will help identify your team’s individual communication patterns and make the workplace environment much more cohesive, productive and pleasant for everyone.


Increased efficiency

Poor communication compromises efficiency, as well as the overall quality of work. GetMee will help your team understand instructions more accurately and keep mistakes to a minimum.


Increased employee engagement

GetMee goes far beyond just talking; it’ll also help people connect and engage emotionally and socially with each other. This means they are more aligned with the company’s goals and more motivated to work towards the set targets.


GetMee quickly improves team bonding

You’ll soon discover members of your team are much more enthused to collaborate. This strong unit will create a much more enjoyable workplace… where everyone is hungry to perform… and… not let their co-workers down.



You will soon notice improvements in your team’s communication skills due to an increase in their confidence, which leads to a more collaborative team environment.

Enterprise Dashboard

You’ll also get access to the amazing ‘Enterprise Dashboard’, where the information
and progress of your team can be easily understood and measured.

Here’s the thing: This is not just a skill building experience for GetMee customers… it also brings awareness to people’s self efficacy and confidence building.

We strongly believe GetMee will transform the way everyone in an enterprise communicates with each other, and revolutionise the way it operates.

Helps me articulate my ideas clearly. I greatly benefit from using GetMee. It helps me communicate my ideas and thoughts clearly to my team at work. Practicing with the AI coach is easy and fun.
Ally Kim
Project Manager
My experience with GetMee is great. I have been learning from it since the early beta version. The most enjoyable part of the app is how it lets me read and gives me feedback on my skills.
Nova Maulana
Business Manager

Improved team communication will lead to higher productivity levels.

We’d love to show you how GetMee can help your Organisation!

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